Easy Bath bombs


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The best part about making your own bath bombs is that you know exactly what goes into them. Some ingredients in bath bombs can lightly irritate your skin when used too frequently. We recommend not using bombs more than once per week, especially for kids.

Safety notes:

  • We suggest that adults only make the bath bombs. Kids can assist with measuring and stirring of ingredients.
  • Keep all ingredients away from your eyes and mouth and wash hands thoroughly after crafting.
  • This activity is not recommended for children under the ages of 10 years.
  • Rinse your bathtub after use.
  • Please note that baking soda may cause an allergic reaction for some people. Do not conduct this activity if you or any member of your family has an allergy to baking soda (bicarbonate of soda).


Bathtub care:  Using a few drops of food colouring should not stain your bath when diluted in a standard amount of water. We recommend testing a small amount first. If any colouring remains in the tub, use a paper towel to wipe it off right away, then rinse with water. Alternatively, bath soap colouring dye is water soluble and states it is stain free, this can be purchased here.

lets get started!

  1. Mix the baking soda, citric acid, corn starch and salt together in a medium-sized bowl.
  2. You can use a spoon to break up any chunks, then whisk together.
  3. Mix the oil and water together and very slowly add mix to the dry ingredients. Mix these together with a whisk as you add the wet ingredients. Add wet ingredients slowly so that you do not cause much fizz.
  4. Your mixture should hold together like wet sand once it is fully mixed. Add a small amount of water if the mixture still seems a little too dry.
  5. If you want to make your bath bombs multi-coloured, divide the mixture up into separate bowls. Add a few drops of separate food colour to each bowl and mix together well. Use food colouring sparingly to avoid possible staining.
  6. Overfill both sides of the bath bomb mold with the mixture (choosing different colours for each side, or mixing together for a cool effect). 
  7. Firmly press and hold the 2 sides of the mold together.
  8. Allow the bath bomb to sit for a few minutes and then give the mold a tap with a spoon and carefully remove it to reveal your bath bomb. 
  9. Let the bath bomb dry overnight.


Be creative with colours, combine red and yellow food colouring for an orange bath bomb and blue with a little red for a lavender bath bomb.

Add a few drops of a scented oil to your mixture to give your bath bomb added fragrance.

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