Community Notice

good news!

The 3-day lockdown will be easing from 6pm tonight across Brisbane which is very welcome news! ❤️

 While our retailers will be open for business, a number of restrictions will apply to visiting Kenmore Village until 1am on Friday 22nd of January in accordance with Queensland Health directives.

A mask must be worn within our Centre and when visiting all stores. It is also a requirement to carry a mask on your person while outside the Centre. Masks may only be removed when consuming food or drink in-Centre and you must be seated to do so.

For all current health advice and resources, please visit Thank you for continuing to maintain social distancing when visiting, we look forward to seeing you at Kenmore Village soon.

Bookings are essential and must be made prior to lesson commencement. Classes run 18th -  22nd of January 2021.