Fresh Is Best

Best case scenario – you get it home, prepare it and preserve it for the week ahead. Real life – it’s brown and old not even 24hours after you get it home. Wondering what we are on about? FRESH PRODUCE!

Whether its meat, veggies, fruit or flowers – it’s time to break down why fresh is best and how to choose the best produce.

They say the majority of fresh vegetables will be on supermarket shelves within 72 hours after harvest. Some vegetables like pumpkins and onions are hardier than others and aren’t sensitive to time as, say, green beans which need to be on sale within a day of harvest.

When your produce is fresh it has the best chance of retaining the maximum amount of minerals and vitamins. So when shopping, consider produce that is in season and is locally grown to ensure it is super fresh. Besides, it feels good to support our locals.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the freshest of the bunch:

  1. You should avoid veggies with visible bruising and broken skin as those damaged spots can easily turn to mouldy areas.
  2. If you are buying pre-cut vegetables or fruit, salads and other pre-prepared produce, ensure to check the packaging dates as well as avoiding the packets with excess water inside them.
  3. Tasty fruits such as peaches, mangoes and apricots should smell sweet! Pineapple’s don’t continue to ripen once picked so ensure they smell sweet and if they smell of nothing, its best to choose another as they are not yet ripe!

Still confused about that pineapple? The locals at Kenmore Village will be more than happy to help you to choose produce at its best, as well as providing information on where the beautiful produce comes from. And keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with funny looking fruit or crazily shaped veggies!