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Sand play is a lot of fun, but when it gets indoors it can cause a mess and be difficult to clean. Indoor Play Sand is an easy to make and fun sensory play activity for kids that can show how mixing together different household ingredients can create new properties.

Our Play Sand recipe is a ‘taste safe’, moldable and sand-like mixture making it great for play and easy to clean up. We recommend conducting play in a large baking dish on a kitchen table / play table or tiled surface to make cleaning a breeze. The Indoor Play Sand mixture will last up to 7 days if refrigerated, but should be disposed of after first use if children are likely to taste. Don’t forget to wash and dry your hands before and after play as this mixture can become sticky!


Cornflour (1 cup)

Raw Cane Sugar (1 cup)

Coconut Oil  (4 tablespoons)

Edible Coloured Sprinkles (Optional)

Food Colouring (Optional)

Lewis Bros Mitre 10 at Kenmore Village are your local hardware experts who know a lot more about sand than we do. If you have a DIY project in-mind they can help with all of your hardware and supply needs with great advice only a question away. Visit them in-store or at their website here for more information.

Lets get started!

  1. Spread cornflour evenly and bake for 10 minutes at 150°C then allow to cool. This step is important to ensure mixture is taste safe. 

  2. Place cooled cornflour in mixing bowl then add raw sugar, mix until ingredients are evenly spread.

  3. Dribble melted coconut oil over the dry mixture and mix with a whisk or fork (whisk for best results).

  4. Add a few drops of food colouring and continue to mix for a cool coloured sand effect.

    Note:  Colouring may stain some surfaces and hands when not properly mixed or where too much is added.

  5. Your Play Sand is now ready for a play tray!


Try adding edible sprinkles to the mixture to create pockets of buried treasure in a Play Sand treasure island!  Note: Sand should be disposed of after first use if additional ingredients are added, or mixture has been tasted.

Adding a few drops of your favorite food colouring and then mixing thoroughly can create a cool coloured sand effect. Use colouring sparingly as this can stain hands and some surfaces.

Play Tip: Include small toys where safe to do so for the best play experience.

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