No Drama Llamas


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Have you noticed how popular llamas have become lately? They always look so cheerful and cuddly! You never have a care when you’ve got a trusty llama nearby. If you don’t happen to have a live llama at home, we can help you create your very own paper plate pet llamas with this crafty no drama llama activity!


Assorted Acrylic Paints
(Bright colours work best!)

Paint Brushes
(A cup of rinse water for brushes.)

Assorted Coloured Felt Tip Pens

White Paper Plates (2-3)

Llama Head and Feet Printout

Baking Paper


2B Pencil
(2B works best but any will do.)

Craft Glue or a Stapler
(A few paperclips may be helpful in holding glued surfaces together.)

Assorted Decorations
(Mini Pom-Poms, Cotton Balls, Coloured Wool, Googly Eyes)

Fun facts

1. Llamas make excellent guards for herds of small animals. They are  very social and will ‘adopt’ a group of sheep or goats as their own herd.

2. Llamas are the camel’s cousins. They belong to a group of animals called camelids that also includes alpacas. All camelids spit or stick out their tongue when they are annoyed.

3. One of the ways llamas communicate is by humming.

Lets get started!

Llama head, legs and tail cutout page

  1. Cut your first paper plate in half and place both halves side by side ready to decorate, this will become your llama’s body! 

  2. Print out the llama head, legs and tail printout sheet which you can find here. Use a sheet of baking paper or tracing paper to trace the shapes from the printout. Once traced, flip the paper and apply (traced side down) on the remaining paper plate. Copy over trace marks through the paper with your pencil, this will transfer your trace marks onto the remaining paper plate. 

    If you’re feeling extra creative or you don’t have access to a printer, you can sketch your llamas head, legs and tail sections directly onto the paper plate. The legs are long ovals with the tail being a tear drop shape.

  3. Cut out the llama head, legs and tail sections you have traced or drawn onto the paper plate and set aside.

  4. It’s time to start decorating! Using your paints and texters colour your llama body on the inside sections of your paper plate halves with the lip side facing up. We like painting large stripes with bright colours. Using texters, draw eyes, a smiling mouth, in-ear sections and a lead rope to your llama head and legs.

  5. Allow painted sections to dry.

  6. To add a little pizzazz to your design, try dressing up your lama with coloured pom-poms, googly eyes, glitter or even cotton wool to create a wooly llama!

  7. Now let’s put this llama together. Using either craft glue or a stapler place both halves of your llama body together with the paper plate lip side facing out. Insert the head at one
    end between the two sections and the tail at the other, then glue or staple together. If you are using glue it might be helpful to use paperclips or pegs to hold sections together until dry.
  8. Our lucky last step is to take your llama legs and glue or staple these to the outwards facing lips of the body segments so that the legs face outwards. Your llama is now free to frolic!

Try this!

Purchase plates in different sizes and colours to make a variety of llamas both big and small!

A healthy llama is a happy llama and just like our fluffy friends we need to stay healthy to keep happy and full of energy.
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