Paper Pilots


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Looking for a little high-flying fun with little ones? Folding paper airplanes is a great learning activity to do with kids as it explores hands-on examples of geometry, symmetry and how shapes fit together!

Try your hand at one of the three glider designs below on a plain piece of A4 paper and then take to the skies to see who can fly the farthest!

Fun fact:  The farthest flight by a paper aircraft is 69.14m achieved by Joe Ayoob and aircraft designer John M. Collins, at McClellan Air Force Base in the USA. The plane was constructed from a single sheet of uncut A4 paper. Source

glider plane designs

The high flyer

the long glider

the loop the looper


The most important thing when you’re folding a paper airplane is to make each side symmetrical (each side must match). Don’t worry if you make a mistake with a fold on one side, just make sure you match it on the other side if you can.

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How high did you fly?

If Mum or Dad take a photo of your paper plane and email it to along with your name, we will add your creation to our paper pilots wall on our website and send you an official ‘Pilots License’ certificate!

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