Rainbow Flowers


Time to complete

Creating colourful rainbow flowers is a great way to learn how plant biology works. Watch how your flowers absorb nutrients as they slowly change colour over 1-3 days.


4 x Jars or Contaners

Food Colouring 

White Flowers (dasies, carnations, roses)

Sugar  (1 teaspoon)

Water (1 x cup per Jar)

Cutting Board


A Sharp Knife  (optional – for stem splitting)

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Lets get started!

  1. Fill each jar with one cup of cold water.
  2. Place 30 drops of food colouring into each jar. This may appear quite dark but the more colour added the better the result!
  3. Mix one half teaspoon of sugar with the water and colouring for each jar (this will act as plant food and give your flowers a peppy boost).
  4. Freshly cut each flower stem diagonally at the base with sharp scissors and carefully put your flowers in their jars.
  5. Place flower jars in a cool shady spot with plenty of fresh air. You will start to see your flowers change colour over a 24-hour period, with best results showing within 3 days.
  6. Top-up jars with water as required to maintain the same level of fluid and to keep your flowers healthy.
  7. Enjoy your new homegrown rainbow! 


Try splitting the stems of a few flowers and running one end of each stem into a different colour solution. This will create a two-tone flower with a little of each colour showing. You might find it is helpful to use plastic cups when attempting this.

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