The Portico

The Portico is a new outdoor dining/seating area under construction at Kenmore Village.


Portico Update @ 7th March 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued understanding during the construction of The Portico at the front of the Centre.

It has certainly been an interesting time during construction works and while it may appear to some that progress has been slow on the site, we can confirm that quite a bit of work has occurred during the evening after trade.

In November this year Kenmore Village will celebrate its 50th Birthday. Having been constructed 50 years ago it has not been a surprise to find during the earthmoving process, that some of the underground pipework has deteriorated and requires replacement and/or re-lining.

Work on these essential services has caused additional work for our Builders, however, as most of this work is happening at night it has caused no further inconvenience to our Customers or Retailers.

Customers visiting the Centre will also notice that Café Fiori will soon commence some initial work on their refurbishment which will see a new look and external entrance to the Cafe.

We look forward to bringing further news on The Portico Development progress in the coming month.