Tissue Box Monster


Time to complete

Creating a tissue box monster is a great way to recycle your used tissue boxes into a collection of cute monster characters. Each design can be made unique with their own features which we love!


Empty Tissue Box

Tissue Box Monster Cut-out Page

Craft Glue/Paste or Blu Tack

Coloured Pipe Cleaners (Optional)

Coloured Pom Poms (Optional)

Googly Eyes (Optional)

Child Safe Scissors

Coloured Acrylic Paint (White with 2 additional Colours)

Paint Brush

Paddle Pop Sticks (Optional)

Black Sharpie Marker

A pencil

lets get started!

  1. Remove the plastic inner lining inside the tissue box.
  2. We recommend paining the outside of the box in white, this will help prevent the tissue box design showing through. Allow to dry and then overpaint the white with your chosen exterior colour.
  3. When the exterior of the box is dry, paint the inside back wall of the tissue box with your second choice of colour.
  4. Outline the area around the tissue opening with your black marker.
  5. Print the Tissue Box Monster cut out pages available at the links below for eyes and teeth, on white paper or cardboard, choose a set of eyes and monster teeth and cut them out.
  6. Apply glue to the bottom of cut-out teeth and stick on the inside of the box opening at the top and bottom.
  7. Using Blu Tack or glue (Blu Tack for best results), stick eyes to the front face of box above mouth opening.
    – If you have googly eyes available you can use these instead of the provided cut-out eyes. The more eyes the better!
  8. Using a pencil, poke tiny holes in the top of the tissue box between the eyes and insert pipe cleaners for a fun monster hair-doo!
  9. For a little more character, you can glue some large pom-poms to the top of the tissue box.

monster eyes cut out

monster teeth cut out


For a cool effect, try putting a few dots on your monsters ‘cheeks’ with your sharpie pen. You can also poke holes in the sides of the monster box for pipe-cleaner hands! If you would like to make legs or feelers try painting Paddle Pop sticks and gluing them as feelers or attach to the bottom of the box as legs.

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Congratulations you’re now a monster creator!

If Mum or Dad take a photo of your monster and email it to kenmore@jen.com.au along with your name, we will add your creation to our monster wall on our website and send you an official ‘Monster Maker’ certificate!

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