WIN a share of $20,000 in prizes or gift cards!

Step into our photo-booth and give us your best look.

Show us your Christmas spirit to win!

When: 4th of December until 20th December, from 10am-2pm daily

Where: Photo booth located in between Suncorp Bank and Helloworld Travel


In order to win, please follow the following 6 steps

1. Step into the photo-booth
2. Touch the iPad to start
3. The iPad will count down from 3 to 1 before it takes your picture
4. Once you’ve taken your snap, enter your details to so we can send your photo to you
5. Once received, share your photo on Facebook / Instagram and use the hashtag #capturethespirit
6. Make sure you follow @kenmorevillage on Facebook & Instagram

Good luck!

Find all of the Terms and Conditions HERE