Permanent Leasing

Increase your retail presence by leasing at Kenmore Village.


  • Strong profile location
  • Loyal, friendly customer base
  • A reputable and safe shopping environment
  • Experienced, enthusiastic and approachable Centre Management Team
  • Clean and attractive Shopping Centre

For all permanent leasing enquires:

Lisa Jarrold

07 3725 4288


Casual Leasing

Want to introduce the market to your product?

For all Casual Leasing Enquiries:

07 3725 4288


Casual Leasing Rates & Map

Centre Court


$965 $620 $795 $280
Coles Court
$620 $345 $410 $200
Café Court
1 x trestle table(unpowered)
$470 $285 $310 $110

Casual Leasing Terms & Conditions

  1. Your copy of the General License Agreement must be kept at your display for the period covered by the agreement.
  2. No soliciting or approaching customers. Customers must approach your display.
  3. Balloons are not permitted.
  4. Centre management will provide a blue tablecloth for use. No other tablecloth is permitted.
  5. No handing out of pamphlets or brochures in areas other than your designated area.
  6. The height of displays can be no greater than 1.5 metres (5’). NO A FRAMES. (5’)
  7. Spruiking is not permitted. Noise emanating from your display must be minimal.
  8. Signage and ticket writing must be of a professional standard and not handwritten – your trading name must be displayed. No other posters are permitted elsewhere in the Centre, including pillars and walls throughout the Centre.
  9. Set up and dismantling of your display must be carried out at the times permitted by Centre Management.
  10. All fees must be paid seven (7) days prior to the commencement date of your General License Agreement. Under no circumstances will setup be allowed before full payment is received.
  11. A copy of your current Public Liability Insurance in the amount of $20M must be attached to your General License Agreement and returned to Centre Management seven (7) days prior to setting up. Under no circumstances will set up be allowed without proof of Public Liability Insurance.
  12. Your display/merchandise must be confined to within the specified area as per Item 2 of your General License Agreement.
  13. The permitted purpose as per Item 7 of your General License Agreement must be strictly adhered to.
  14. We do not accept bookings for Casual Leasing if the display conflicts with the line of business of one of our retailers.
  15. Breach of any of these terms and conditions will cancel your General License Agreement.