Development Updates

Construction update for stage 3 of works


We are pleased to announce the commencement of Stage 3 for our redevelopment project. This phase marks a significant milestone for the Centre with the construction of the new Northern Mall Entry now underway.

This inviting and modern entrance has been designed to enhance accessibility and convenience for visitors at Kenmore Village. It provides an open and relaxed entry point, complemented by an external covered seating area. Additionally, there will be easy access to convenient parking and a new designated taxi waiting area.

Adjacent to the new entry, we are introducing a beautifully landscaped trellised walkway. This walkway area will offer a shaded path to and from the multi-story carpark and serve as guideway and welcoming point for new visitors.

Additionally, the construction of new tenancies is in progress. These new retail spaces will expand the variety and convenience of shopping options available to our visitors, and we look forward to proving further detail for these spaces as the build progresses.

Advancing towards the final stages of construction, focus is on upgrading the facilities with the addition of new toilet amenities, including a brand-new parent’s room and accessible toilets, catering to the needs of all visitors.

Your continued support is appreciated as work progresses toward completion in November 2024.

Please stay tuned for further announcements as we progress through the final stages of construction and thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Trellised walkway

Architectural Render view of Northern Entry Trellis Shelter
* Note: Artist’s impression only and subject to change.

new Nothern entry

Architectural Render 24
* Note: Artist’s impression only and subject to change.

Frequently asked questions

Why are upgrades being conducted?

The primary objective of our upgrade project is to replace a section of the Centre that has served our community well for nearly 55 years with a contemporary new Northern end to the Centre. By delivering these upgrades, we ensure that many of the services our Community regularly use and love are retained, as well as ensuring that Kenmore Village can better meet the needs of our growing community into the future.

Will Coles remain open during construction?

Yes, the Coles wing of the Centre remains largely unaffected by Centre development works, and will continue to trade as normal.

Will the Stage 3 construction works further impact parking?

While the availability of specific car parking spaces may change from time to time, it is anticipated that more parking spaces will open up for customer use as time progresses. A traffic management plan has been put in place to minimise any potential disruption and to safely guide traffic to areas not impacted by demolition works.

When will constrction be finished?

Progress is currently being made towards the anticipated completion of works in November 2024.