Development Updates

Kenmore Village Upgrades

Change of access update:  Access to the Nrothern Mall via the old Mitre 10 and Australia Post entry has now been closed.

The closest access into the Centre will be via the Western Laneway entry adjacent to Poolwerx and the new post office.

Best parking for customers will be either the front carpark, Coles parcel pickup entry carpark, or the western shade sail carpark near the new Mitre 10 building.

Architectural Render view of Northern Entry Trellis Shelter
*Note: Artist’s impression only and subject to change.
View from the Mitre 10 roof during construciton.

Construction update


Construction on the Kenmore Village upgrade project has progressed steadily. The standalone Mitre 10 location in the Western Carpark, along with several new retail spaces and new amenities underneath the Kenmore Library, are now complete. 

Businesses including Australia Post, Dollar Stretchers (formerly Choice Discounts), Kenmore Podiatry Clinic, Kenmore Village Barber, Mitre 10, and Sayers’ Dance Centre, are now transitioning to the new retail section.

Café Bliss is being reconfigured and begin refurbishment. 

Once the new retail spaces are trading under the Library, the demolition of the old Mitre 10 mall will commence.

Following the demoliton, a contemporary Northern entry statement and common area will be constructed, along with new convenient parking spaces and sheltered taxi rank.

Store relocations

In preparation for further developments, some businesses have found new homes within the Centre separate to the new build area: 

David Martin Speech Language Pathologist: Now located at the front of the Centre, next to the walkway leading to the external Commonwealth Bank ATM. 

Kenmore Village Physio: Positioned directly opposite the Australian Doctors Clinic within the Centre.

Soie Nails: Has relocated to a brand-new beautiful salon space next door to Etcetera and opposite Café Bliss.

Yee and Turner Travel Associates: Located just up from The Works, opposite the Bank of Queensland.

Mobicat: Have moved to next door to Shoe Fashions and Kenmore Village Health & Nutrition, closer to Coles.

Delight for Gifts: Has moved across from Helloworld Travel and near to Centre Court.

The new Soie Nails salon, located next to Etcetera Leisure Plus
Artists impression of the Western Laneway Entry Portal - please note that this artwork may be subject to change.


Pedestrian access via the old Post Office entry to the previously Mitre 10 anchored mall, will be closed once demolition works begin.

A new temporary entry point in the Western Laneway adjacent to the Bank of Queensland ATM will be constructed to provide convenient access into the Centre.

Please watch for pedestrian access and walkway area signage when entering the Shopping Centre, as conditions may change.

As you drive into the Centre, please pay extra attention to directional signage and Traffic Controllers if on-site, as there may be changes to normal conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Why are upgrades being conducted?

The primary objective of our upgrade project is to replace a section of the Centre that has served our community well for nearly 55 years with a contemporary new Northern end to the Centre. By delivering these upgrades, we ensure that many of the services our Community regularly use and love are retained, as well as ensuring that Kenmore Village can better meet the needs of our growing community into the future.

Will Coles remain open during construction?

Yes, the Coles wing of the Centre remains largely unaffected by development works and will continue to trade as normal throughout construction. There will however be some minor modifications to the front pedestrian entry points into the Centre which will result in new signage and colour scheme being installed to reflect the new look and feel of the Centre.

Will the demolition works further impact parking?

While the availability of specific car parking spaces may change from time to time, it is anticipated that more parking spaces will open up for customer use as time progresses. A traffic management plan has been put in place to minimise any potential disruption and to safely guide traffic to areas not impacted by demolition works.

Will the Centre remain open during construction?

Some changes with individual retailers may occur as stores relocate to new spaces, however, the Centre will continue to trade as normal during construction.